Lauryn Salassi Gilliam founded Integrapy as a unique concept: a partnership between individuals and their healthcare providers to integrate therapeutic and medical resources, thereby encouraging the best possible outcome for each person.  Your doctor is usually the first person who might notice that the effects of your stress levels may be impacting your overall life balance and could be influencing your physical health.  Perhaps you have a medical condition that is cumbersome and time consuming that weighs on you mentally.  Either way, approaching your health from a more holistic path and looking at both the mental and physical aspects of your life and balancing them can lead you towards a more rewarding life experience.

Stress, anxiety, depression…all of these are common for people…especially patients undergoing medical treatments. Lauryn's personal experience, as well as her education and passion for helping others, inspired her to create Integrapy specifically to people as they deal with the rollercoaster of emotions during their medical treatment process, from diagnosis to prognosis to outcomes.

Lauryn is a passionate educator about the influence that chronic stress can have on health and how physical health can influence emotional health. The mind/body connection is strong and her goal is to help people understand that these are two systems that are connected under one larger one, the self.

Even if you have not had a medical crisis, life has a way of interrupting when we least expect it….hectic schedules, living away from a family system, feeling isolated from staying at home, feeling stretched to thin by working away from the home, financial problems, aging or ill parents, hormone changes, past traumas that show up unexpectedly, chemical imbalances can throw us for a loop unexpectedly. Have you ever found yourself finally at a “stable” place in your life only to find that you are overcome with emotions…congratulations…perhaps you are now at a strong enough place to finally deal with previous hurts and this is proof positive that you are moving to a better place but you needs some guidance on this path. You have the answers within you to move forward. I will serve as a conduit to those answers through exploration of your strengths and solutions and tweaking internal thought processes and narratives so that you can begin to rewrite your story for you with your own outcomes, not those that have been pre-written for you but aren’t a good fit.

Having a business background, Lauryn understands that for doctors and clinics to provide their services, they must have the resources to do so. Using systems theory as a model, Integrapy can train staff in a clinic or medical office on how to use a strength-based program to work with clients more therapeutically, resulting in higher client retention. Happy, stress-free clients will become lifelong clients and advocates for their healthcare provider.