Integrapy Consulting has years of experience in working with human and or relationship systems within a medical setting. This experience has given us the opportunity to understand what obstacles healthcare organizations can experience with productivity and moral due to internal conflict. We understand the need for each employee to see the value they bring to the company and how each person plays a role in the success of the overall corporation. Paying attention to the internal customer, we help to develop and define for each employee who their customer is and how they can better serve them for the better good of the entire organization which in turn should reward the employee. It is this type of systems thinking that we believe can yield the best possible outcome not only for the employee and their goals as well as the employer and their goals but also the client’s system and their goals.

Adding to our internal customer focus we also understand the need to insure a positive external customer service experience. It is important that the client’s feel like their experience in a medical clinic is one that they would be likely to refer to someone else. If a client is happy with their experience, the clinic is less likely to experience drop out rates and more likely to see their client’s following the proper medical protocol which imperative for the best possible outcome. You know that when a client finishes their time with your clinic if you have done your job if they have feel satisfied with the experience there regardless of the treatment outcome. Integrapy Consulting has also been involved with improving customer/client satisfaction scores. We have developed in depth customer satisfaction surveys and through that have created client satisfaction protocols that benefit both the client and the staff. When the client is happy then that makes your staff’s job a lot easier. Systems thinking allows us to consider both/and possibilities and integrate success through all departments, amongst the staff and management and the clients for an overall benefit.

Integrapy Consulting Services provides direction for executives, physicians or clinical directors with regard to development of Organizational Development interventions, culture change initiatives, transition consultation, executive coaching, organizational communication, process facilitation and consultations. We can facilitate change and development within the organization by applying innovative behavioral approaches, foster a climate of mentoring, coaching, teamwork and learning. We help to create partnerships with managers enabling them to develop strategies within their departments that will result in positive customer encounters/outcomes and work process improvements.

Furthermore, her extensive knowledge of relationship systems puts her in the unique position of being able to assess business or clinical systems. These assessments may shed light to administrators on the way their departments relate or don't relate and how this may correlate with where the company is and where they want it to be.

From a systems therapeutic standpoint, Lauryn believes that installing therapist's onsite provides clients support throughout their treatment protocol. Support can also be offered to the medical staff with regard to their own stress and burnout. Helping relationships between staff and clients as well as staff to staff interaction is important for success to occur. Lauryn believes that clinics can reduce turnover of staff, attrition of clients, and increase positive health outcomes and referrals. All of these things can positively affect the bottom line and, most importantly, help to improve the health and wellness of clients and staff members.