Welcome to my website! I am so happy you are here. Taking a step toward taking care of YOU is a significant step toward achieving balance.

Chances are if you are searching for counseling service options then you are at a critical juncture. My services are for both individuals and couples and can help lessen the negative impact of stresses, particularly as they affect relationships, whether in the workplace, within the family unit, or another critical partnership that shapes who you are. I can help you create new thought patterns and move forward toward a more positive, well-balanced life.

Working together, I can help you change your thought patterns and move forward toward a well-balanced life that has you soaring, not struggling. Whatever type of life transition you are going through, I can provide objective counsel and help you identify and attain next steps toward a personal goal, overcoming past grief or trauma or just simply help you manage life's ups and downs.

In addition to one-on-one counseling, I also work with couples. Are you coping with marital issues or just want to rejuvenate your relationship? I can help assist you in reducing the stress of marital conflict as well as help discover strengths and work with you on your different communication styles and love languages to rekindle the spark and regain your respect for one another that may have brought you together in the first place. We can also work on the ability to preserve a more respectful relationship as co-parents. Should you already be separated and or blending families we can navigate the sensitive journey of co and step parenting so that it can be more rewarding for all.

I am lucky to now live in picturesque Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville with my husband and daughter after living in South Florida for 17 years and was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After graduating from Louisiana State University, I went on to achieve a successful career in sales and marketing until I was diagnosed with primary infertility at the age of 35. With mid-life worries, career burnout and the stress of a three-year struggle to achieve a successful pregnancy, I began searching for an alternate purpose for my life.

After much soul searching, I quit my day job, started infertility treatments and enrolled in Nova Southeastern University in the Marriage and Family Therapy Master's Program and the Medical Family Therapy Certificate Program respectively. I received my Master’s Degree in 2006 and then went on to complete my PhD. During my stint in the program I became very passionate about helping women and couples. I also enjoy helping medical professionals and their clients to better appreciate each others' roles in the treatment process embrace best practices for working together so they are working as a team.

I believe in mindfulness and fully embracing where you are NOW in life's journey. A lover of life and all that this world has to offer, I am a regular contributor to Your Williamson as author of the 5 Sense Living column. No matter what juncture you are in life, I will be happy to sit down with you to discuss how to take the next step…and the next…and the next to get you to your desired outcomes one action step at a time.

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